” Getting pregnant is a natures course, instead of any compulsive or manipulative efforts let nature play its role”

                      GOD is a magnificient creator, He created universe, five elemental forces of Nature which governs the entire universe and many more things beyond our imagination. Admist these various innovations, is the prodigy of Procreation. Procreation in another words, is the desire to reproduce own species through sexual act.

                      The fundamentals in nature, namely Prakriti and Purush acts as driving force, which replicates the Female and Male gender respectively in all Living creatures. This is the cause why sexual act and desire for sex is given so much importance since ages, it is nothing but a sincere Nature’s call.

                    Inability of a woman to concieve or a man to induce conception after one year of regular sexual intercourse without any contraceptive measures or retaining the foetus till the birth is termed as Infertility. The problem may be with the male or female partner, or both. Although many a times only female is held responsible, it is important to know that both man and woman are equally responsible for conception, as conception occurs only after the union of a healthy male sperm and equally efficient female ovum.

Essential Factors for conception :

For conception of a healthy foetus, Ayurveda explains four necessary elements :

Ritu (Appropriate period for conception) –  Here period indicates two things a) Age of both male and female partners,  b) Days eligible for conception depending upon ovulation.

Kshetra (Seat for conception) – The word Kshetra refers to the Uterus, Uterus should be in healthy state so that it can hold the foetus  for upcoming 9 months and provide nourishment and safety.

Ambu (Nourishment for concieved foetus) – Ambu means water, here it specifies nourishment to the foetus growing in the womb, this depends upon the generalised nutrition of the mother.

Beej  – Beej explains the need of competent male sperm and equally healthy female ovum. Both the sperm and ovum is termed as Shukra Dhatu in Ayurveda, meaning the reproductive tissue.
Ayurveda explains body is composed of seven Dhatus, of which Shukra dhatu or reproductive tissue is the seventh or last dhatu, hence it has the presence of fractions of  all the previous dhatus, and so it has the capability of generating a new tissue (foetus). Healthy Shukra dhatu shows presence of beauty, bravery and valor in an individual. Conception of healthy child depends completely on the health of parental Shukra dhatu, so it must be taken care of.

Causes of Infertility :

  • Generalised weakness, lack of nutrition.
  • Improper eating habits, eating excessive spicy, oily, salty or unhealthy foods.
  • Sleeping at very late hours, working in extreme hot or cold conditions.
  • Handling too much of stress.
  • Alcohol intake and smoking affects to a great extent.
  • Debility of Shukra dhatu – Reproductive health of an individual depends solely upon the health of Shukra dhatu i.e reproductive tissue, Seminal fluid in males and ovum (Artav dhatu) in females. Also Shukra sthana (site) and its functioning share an equal importance. Shukra sthana in women explains anatomical structure and physiology of the uterus and associated organs, and in males it denotes the male reproductive system.
  • Structural defect in uterus can be one of the reasons  of infertility; of which some can  be cured.
  • Defect in sperm and semen.
  • An obstruction in anatomical structure, like tubal blockage, or obstructive pathologies like  ovarian or uterine tumors, fibroids.
  • Suppressing natural urges like that of urine, stools or sexual urge (Shukra Vega dharan) for long durations.
  • Over indulgence in sex can lead to shukra kshaya i.e Qualitative and Quantitative degradation in sperm count.
  • Decreased or Loss of libidio.
  • Sometimes impotency or infertility prevails by birth.
  • Abnormality in artav dhatu (female shukra dhatu ) Irregular menses, PCOD, unovulation, etc..
  • Infective pathology.
  • Trauma to the vital organs.
  • Repeated miscarriages.

Generalised treatment of infertility :

  • Counselling is an essential part.
  • Nourishment of general health.
  • Regulating diet and behavourial habits.
  • Treat defects and infective pathologies if any.
  • Relieving stress factor concerned with work or related to conception.
  • Ensure digestive fire (agni) is strong enough.
  • Clear  any obstructions, blockages or outgrowths.
  • Medicines for regulation of normal physiology of reproductive system.
  • Sharir shodhan (purification) i.e. removal of body toxins and developing healthy body tissues by means of Panchakarma is very effective.
  • Vajikaran chikitsa – Treatment to build healthy reproductive tissues, it acts as a tonic and increases strength, vigour,  and developes healthy sperm essential for conceiving a healthy baby.
  • Following rules of sexual intercourse.
  • Last but not the least Love and affection between the couple  and pleasant state of mind plays an important role !
  • Ayurvedic approach towards treatment pertaining to infertility is bringing various solutions. Reproductive tissue, also known as shukra dhatu is responsible for good or bad metabolic process. Good and effective ayurvedic medicines are introduced, which supply nutrients to the bone, muscle, food and shukra dhatu.

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