Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS/PCOD
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What is the meaning of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD or PCOS)


Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOD or PCOS.

What does one mean by curing PCOS first of all? PCOS is a set of symptoms and signs. In the current scenario, majority of the women are found to have it and yet not everyone is on treatment. The most common question in every PCOS patient is how to cure PCOS naturally or Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD.

A female is bound to visit a doctor (irrespective of which pathy) only when she has some problem. The most common presenting complaint that brings a PCOS patient to the doctor is irregular periods, weight gain, hair fall, infertility and very rarely a self initiated check by a health conscious person.

Before we decide ‘who’ cures best, we must underline what is it that you want to be cured?

Theoretically, if the patient has been rid of cysts, PCOS has to be considered as cure. But there are a minority of patients, who are diagnosed as PCOS without having evidence of cysts in ovaries!! Unbelievable right??  But that why the term in PCOS where ‘S’ stands for syndrome.

So if a patient has been corrected of her symptoms – that is periods have been regularized, weight gain has stopped and is gradually reducing, hair fall has stopped and growth has started, cysts if any have regressed and follicular growth is regular and qualitative, and has been reconfirmed to be on the same scale even after reducing medicines, is when you can consider being cured.

This is our goal of treatment of PCOS with Ayurveda, that is, Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS

The difference is remarkable if you compared this with Ayurvedic mode of treatment. Allopathic management of PCOS is progesterone pills to regulate menses, metformin to manage insulin resistance, ovarian drilling, laparoscopic cystectomy to drain ovarian cysts. None of this assures that cysts or irregular won’t recurrent in the coming cycles.

Now isn’t the former approach curative then? Give it a thought!

Basics of PCPS/PCOD:

PCOD is a hormonal imbalance and more of a lifestyle disorder. This needs to be kept in mind all the time. It means we need to focus on the root and should avoid the blind intake of medicines. I am sharing my entire journey here. It might help you to first understand and then deal with it.

Understanding PCOD: How did I find that I have PCOD? A True Story…..

It all started with one pimple, then one more and some more and before I knew it I was looking totally different from how I used to. I thought of visiting a dermatologist since I never had to deal with acne/pimple till then and that too so severe. I asked one of my friends who I knew was visiting a dermatologist. She asked me about my menstrual cycles and did I notice any change in my menstrual cycle recently. I actually did. Duration of my menstrual cycle was fluctuating between 20–45 days. I always used to have 6–7 days of menstrual flow which had come down to 3–4 days and I was stupid enough not to see it as a problem before she pointed out. So, she suggested me to visit a gynaecologist instead of dermatologist.

I visited a gynaecologist and after looking at the symptoms (acne and irregular menstrual cycles), she suggested a lower abdomen ultrasound. I went for it. Reports showed few stone like structures (cysts) inside both my ovaries and my doctor told me that I have polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD). Till then, I had no clue what PCOD is. She gave me some medicines which I was supposed to take for 21 days and then stop. She told me that I have to continue taking them for maintaining my hormonal levels (the root cause). I did it for the first 21 days, but I was never a medicine kind of person. I am a person who would opt for natural ways if possible. So, I started reading about it.

Key Findings:

PCOD is mainly caused due to fluctuations in hormones. Mostly it’s androgen and testosterone which can cause acne and/or facial hair growth. Some women might struggle with weight issues as well. It’s comparatively harder to lose weight if you have PCOD. In my case, acne was the primary symptom.

As per the studies, 1 in 5 women have PCOD. Our lifestyle and constantly ignoring our health could be the primary reason.

Cysts are formed when the egg can’t be released and stays back in the ovary. So, if you have PCOD, in every cycle, new cyst will be formed alternatively in each ovary. This is primarily due to the deficiency of a female hormone called progesterone. This hormone is responsible for regulating the release of the egg. So, if it is not produced properly, eggs are formed but not released at regular intervals. Basically, androgen and testosterone confuse the hypothalamus (part of the brain responsible for hormones and their regulation)

Allopathic medicines: The medicines that I was given were birth control pills. They basically provide an external supply of progesterone which helps to regulate the release of eggs and no more cysts. They work but it’s an external supply that you are relying on.

Ayurvedic medicines: Although I avoid medicines as much as possible, but if absolutely necessary, I prefer Ayurveda and it works for me. (No offense to allopathy). My doctor told me that I can get rid of the existing cysts in my ovaries through these medicines. I took those medicines for about 4-6 months. My problem reduced and I felt better.

Here is a tried and tested method (Natural ways to cure PCOS ) that worked for me as suggested by My Ayurvedic Doctor Dr.Vipul Sharma ( A well known Herbailst Of India ) He provided me Arogyam Pure Herbs Kit For PCOS

In this kit, I was given herbal supplements in the form of tablets & capsules. Along with that, I was given a customized diet schedule and complete follow up by doctor.

Sleep cycles: I noticed that I had totally messed up sleep cycles and it confuses the body. So, try to regulate your sleep cycle and have atleast 7–8 hours of sleep. Try not to be awake after 12.

Copper water bottle: copper induced water is good for the body. But, do not intake more than 2 bottles of such water in a day.

Apple cider vinegar: Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water and make it a habit of having it as the first thing each morning. Do it for around 20 days then stop for 5–8 days and then continue. Never ever think of having it in a non diluted form.

Walking after meals: Make it a habit to walk atleast for half an hour after each meal and avoid having water right after your meals. First have your meal, walk for half an hour. Then you can drink water.

Water: Drink as much water as possible (comfortably and not forcefully). I have developed a habit of carrying my water bottle everywhere I go.

Try to eat healthy: Try to incorporate fresh food in your meals. Eating junk once a while doesn’t really hurt, but avoid it as much as possible 

Consult only an expert Ayurvedic physician for best possible remedy (as I did).

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