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Welcome To Arogyam Health Resort The Home Of Authentic Ayurvedic Health Care

Welcome to the AROGYAM HEALTH RESORT from where you can find solutions of your health problems in a scientific way from ancient science.We welcome you to the world of holistic healing with the most affordable ayurveda treatment packages in India,at Una district of Himachal Pradesh in the Lap of Dev-Bhoomi (Himachal Pradesh)

 Relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself with the ancient system of medicine which has been established widely as Ayurveda. We invite you to experience pure ayurveda treatments with yoga and meditation to restore your physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium.

Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old practice of health has a rejuvenation procedure – Panchakarma that subtly removes the toxins from the mind and body. These procedures are designed to function synergistically to maximize the removal of toxins while maintaining the harmony of natural body functions. The purifying and eliminating actions of Panchakarma first dislodge the toxins from the cells and then flush them out through the organs of elimination—the sweat glands, colon and urinary tract.

WHAT IS Panchkarma ? The Detoxification Process in AYURVEDA

The word Panchkarma comes from classical Ayurvedic texts and means literally “five actions”. Subtly harmonising purification procedures dissolve metabolic waste products and environmental toxins from the body’s tissues in a gentle and effective way and eliminate them from the physiology. These extremely pleasant relaxing treatments enliven the bodies own self-healing powers bringing about a profound and lasting rejuvenation.

Ayurveda basically emphasizes two types of therapy i.e.

(i) Eliminatory and (ii) Pacificatory. Panchakarma comes under the Eliminatory therapy.

The five fold purification therapy that seeks to correct the imbalance of the body’s doshas or bio-energies (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) in order to maintain their inherent equilibrium. The Panchakarma therapy of Ayurveda comprises of five types of advanced treatment for elimination of vitiated Dosha (toxic materials) from the body

THERAPIES WE PROVIDE ( PANCHKARMA ) “Healthy tissues bestow happiness and vitality. Polluted tissues bring misery and disease.”

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