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According to the Ayurveda, the body’s build-up toxins and weakened immunity are thought to be the main contributors of allergies. Through the circulatory system, the badly digested food, known as ama, and other chemical additives enter the body and become trapped in the skin, respiratory tissue, and other delicate tissues. Therefore, detoxifying, boosting your immune system, and changing your food are all effective ways to treat allergies with Ayurveda. Chronic colds, allergies to the nose, eyes, throat, and skin can all be treated easily using Ayurveda.


#Skin sensitivity

1) Severe skin rashes, macules, papules, and pustules.

2) Dry, white skin.

3) Fungal infections, eczema, psoriasis, and urticaria.

#Allergies to wheat

Children who have trouble digesting wheat frequently experience loose stools, bloating, and heaviness in the stomach, as well as stunted weight and height gain and low haemoglobin levels in patients.

#How to Treat Allergies with Ayurveda: Each person has a distinct bodily constitution, according to Ayurveda. ‘Prakriti’ is what was said. Since we are all quite different from one another in this regard, a certain diet and way of life suits each individual. Additionally, there are variations in how susceptible many diseases and conditions are to humans. Ayurveda’s traditional writings explain how particular diets, lifestyle choices, and risk factors are related to the various Prakriti types. Ayurveda also offers guidance on seasonal, daily, and lifestyle practises. The person may be more prone to the ailments mentioned and may not live a long, happy, and healthy life. One can avoid allergies by adhering to the right principles, avoiding an unhealthy food, or living a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding an unhealthy lifestyle does not necessitate maintaining a clean, dust-free home. Your immune system does indeed deteriorate when you are not exposed to allergens. According to recent studies, persons who live in extremely sterile and clean environments lack crucial immunological compounds that help them fight off common allergens. They are significantly more vulnerable to allergy illnesses as a result. Additionally, developing kids who are overexposed to these drugs at an early age acquire allergy hypersensitivity to them. Avoiding allergens like pollen and dust that spread through airborne contact, especially when you’re outside, is quite challenging. Therefore, the best strategy to avoid allergies is to create a functional immune system. The paragraphs that follow offer some broad pointers for avoiding allergies. You can determine your ideal diet and way of living. Visit a well-qualified & experienced Ayurveda practitioner to get your physical gear (Prakriti) examined in order to do this.

#Steer clear of fatty meals like dairy, pork, and nuts.

Go for a filling lunch and choose a light dinner.

Take in a lot of warm water.

Exercise each day. Try some yoga breathing exercises; they are excellent for calming the body and mind.

Intense stress makes allergies worse. Stress disrupts sleep, which in turn exacerbates an allergy. To prevent allergies, you need to obtain enough sleep.

Massage using herbal oils improves the body’s blood circulation. This results in the elimination of chemical poisons that may be the allergy’s root cause.

According to Ayurveda, some seasonal allergies are related to the condition of the soil at the time. You must consume a lot of fruits and vegetables in the spring when a lot of veggies are being produced in order to clear your body of the congestion and fats consumed during the winter. In addition, Ayurveda claims that the ‘doshas’ associated in the seasons cause allergies to flare up. It’s crucial to identify the aggravating “dosha” in order to locate a remedy. Understanding the three main categories of allergies and their respective treatment regimens is necessary for using Ayurveda to treat allergies.


                              How Arogyam Pure Herbs Allergy Cure Kit Helps:

# To build immunity in our bodies to combat allergies and clear out any congestion already present.

# To stop using nasal spray, inhalers, and other anti-allergy medications.

# For people who undergo repeated nose surgery, a permanent cure. The best part of our Ayurvedic treatment is that we think there should be a permanent solution to these issues compared than the treatment in other systems where we take a medication and get temporary relief for a short while.

No negative effects

It focuses on treating an existing illness without spreading it further. It does not have adverse effects that can be lethal or irreversible to the human body, unlike allopathic medications. Work on the underlying issue

Ayurveda is not a form of medicine that just treats symptoms. By focusing on the disease’s fundamental causes, it seeks to restore health.

Distinct treatment emphasises the importance of a person’s conduct, diet, lifestyle, and mental and spiritual outlook. The one-size-fits-all method of choosing a course of therapy is not used in Ayurveda.



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  1. Sujata Mishra

    This is really effective and safe treatment. My daughter had allergic rhinitis from last 8 years. she was on allopathic medicines so she got side effects. we consulted Arogyam Panchkarma Centre in Una and took this treatment. It lasted for 6 months and now she is perfectly alright. No allergy

  2. Jaswinder Singh

    This is the best treatment for allergy in ayurveda. doctors are quite intelligent. they provide safe medicines and my 23 years old allergy got cured completely. Now its been 6 months i havent used any medicines so writing this review

  3. Jashan

    if someone take proper treatment from arogyam, allergy got completely cured. best treatment for allergy in india

  4. Mangal

    we took allrgy treatment from arogyam for our 7 years old daughter. she is totally fine now. no inhalers, no steroids, no medicines. Very good allergy treatment

  5. sumedha

    Great treatment, no side effects. Results are slow but permanant

  6. Mukesh

    Great results. my daughter had allergic asthma. She took this treatment and now she is completely normal.

  7. Surender

    Best ayurveda treatment for allergy. this really worked in my son’s allergy problem.

  8. Monika

    Great treatment, best results in asthma

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