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Like skin, hair too is the mirror of our health. Everyone wishes to have long, shiny and healthy hair. But unfortunately, due to our so busy schedule we get so many hair problems like hair loss, premature graying of hair, thinning and baldness etc. These aliments can have many reasons. We, therefore, introduce AROGYAM PURE HERBS HAIR-CARE KIT. This kit is clinically tested before its introduction in the market. These herbs stop hair fall, regrow the hair and make hair thicker and healthy.

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  1. andrew

    I coudnt recover 100% but my 70-80% grew back good medicines

  2. Rajiv

    my hairloss completely stopped in just one month now m on regrowth treatment from Arogyam I recommend it………!

  3. Riya

    I was near to bald at age of 31 only

  4. Arvind

    after I shifted to delhi with my job, I started losing hair in bunches. hard water must not have suited for my scalp. I was near to bald. I went to Arogyam Panchkarma centre for treatment. I was a bit costly for me, but wonderful treatment. now I have very good hairstyle with strong hair

  5. Kusum

    my hair fall stopped and hairs are growing longer good pack and oil

  6. Akshita

    I had dandruff and so hair loss no shampoo cud stop it but Arogyam hair care kit cured my problems. I have long, think & strong hair now very good med

  7. Vrinda

    I was getting problem in marriage because of less hair on my scalp. it was shameful for me to have very less & short hair. i tried many things but none worked for me my sister ordered Arogyam hair kit for me. it worked. It start regrowing hair on empty areas. now my hair r growing very fast and I hv long n strong hair bunch

  8. rahul

    good product but costly. ! very good result. . i would recommend it

  9. King

    Hello it is a good product

  10. ash

    Good PDT ….fully satisfied… it

  11. Raveena

    Guys if you are facing hair fall problem than I suggest you to use AROGYAM PURE HERBS HAIR CARE KIT. It is a complete package of herbs

  12. Anamika

    I have started using and liking 100% natural products and Arogyam pure herbs hair care kit is one brand I blindly trust. I have used AROGYAM FACE CARE KIT for my face which gave me very good results and I thought now its time to buy something natural for my precious hair. I use this product and got my hairs back without any side-effects

  13. kdsd

    checking if this would readyy workd =

  14. Kiara

    I had hair problems issues like dandruff

  15. Jatin

    I was totally bald from frontal area. I took this treatment for 6 months and still continuing. I got more than 75% hair back. I will continue this kit till I get my all hair back… very good results

  16. Ravinder

    I have started using AROGYAM PURE HERBS HAIR CARE KIT for the last 2 months and hair fall stopped completely and still continuing it for hair growth. I will provide my review again once my hair growth starts. Thank you ayurvedahimachal.

  17. Alena

    I was losing bunch of hair on daily basis. losing hair is like losing part of me. I had long hair but due to continue hair fall my hair becomes short and thin too. I tried lots of medicines but get nothing in return. Then my parents suggested me to go with ayurvedic medicines. Online top ayurvedic brand is arogyam hair care kit. I ordered 1 month kit for trial basis and it shows me some results

  18. Nitin

    I am using hair pack from the last 4 months and i can see new hair growth. I will continue for the next 2 months to complete the full course.

  19. Seema

    Best hair regrowth treatment

  20. Karan

    Hello everyone

  21. Sarita

    it actually stops hairloss and regrow the hair

  22. Nisha

    I had bald patches on sides &amp

  23. Meena

    Wow.. really great product… My hair start growing again after 3 years of hair fall problem Thanks to arogyam panchkarma centre

  24. Nitesh

    I took massage steam therapy and ayurvedic treatment from arogyam. It worked good now I can sit for long time

  25. Archit Sharma

    i use this joint care product … it shows result in 2 months and my problem gets cured completely ..

  26. Karan

    I went to this place last month with my wife.Both of us had 7 days rejuvenation treatment along with the treatment for Arthritis.After 7 days treatment as suggested by doctor i extended my leave and took an additional of 7 days treatment.The treatment was very worthy and i feel physically fit now.As Dr.Vipul Sharma suggested i am planning to visit Arogyam Panchkarma Centre once in a month to prevent from my chronic Arthritis.Any way me and my wife are very happy with the experience and recommend the centre who seeks genuine ayurvedic treatments. Thanks to this product too.

  27. Rukhsar

    I was diagnosed pcod. facial hair, disturbed periods and big fats in body bothered me a lot we tried for pregnancy for more than 3 years, but failed. all doctors said too lose weight but how, nobody tells then I went to Arogyam hospital. I took treatment for pcod. they reduced by weight 23 kg and also periods become regular. in 6th month of treatment I got pregnant. it was a gods grace and I hv a healthy baby doll. Arogyam pcod kit really works

  28. Sunita sen

    my periods were irregular since I started. I gained a lot weight without eating much. when I started medicines of Arogyam pcod kit, it changed me inside-out 6 months gone I hv finished treatment, my periods r regular, lost enough weight and my skin is glowing like….cant explain thanks Arogyam pcod kit

  29. Jubilia

    I gained without ate much but I lost wid lots of eating periods also regular now…

  30. Vridhi

    I havnt had my periods without hormones since 4 years. it gave me many side effects. thanks to Arogyam pcos kit which has made my periods regular. I am having 4 days periods every month without any medicines

  31. Rupam

    My hairfall has stopped in two months with arogyam treatment, now started treatment for regrowth. Lets see the results

  32. Deepti

    i had bald patches in my scalp. Used lots of lotions and even steroid injections on scalp. but no results. I took Arogyam treatment just as a trial but it was a miracle. I got regrowth in just 3 months of herbal treatment. i have regained my hair bulk and no bald patches now. Great treatment

  33. Ujagar

    I took this treatment after i lost my hair by 80%. This is really amazing treatment package. Firstly it stopped the hairloss and later regrowth. Now i have gained more than 50% of my lost hair. Still continuing. Satisfied with the treatment

  34. shikha

    i tried lots of treatments for hair fall but this is authentic and purely herbal treatment. No steroids & no chemicals. customized treatment package given by arogyam doctors is really effective and safe. great results

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