SHODHAN CAPSULE | Best Herbal Revitalizer, Makes The Body Internally Strong

SHODHAN CAPSULE | Best Herbal Revitalizer, Makes The Body Internally Strong


Health of the female reproductive organs determines the health of the woman to a great extent. If this system is imbalanced it affects the whole body through the hormonal system. The hormones then affect the emotions and psychology of the woman. It is very important for a woman to learn what her options are in self-care. These problems can be corrected 90 percent of the time with herbs.

Product Description

Keeping in mind all these problems, Arogyam make a blend of herbal formulation CALVERA .Calvera is a popular dietary supplement contain natural herbal extracts which provide calcium in natural way blended with aloevera extract. Calcium is the most common mineral in the body and helps many bodily functions. Adequate calcium intake is vital for strong bones, and the prevention of osteoporosis. Coral calcium has been getting attention due to its slimming effects on the metabolism. A healthy antioxidant-rich diet an adequate calcium intake as a means to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension. As it is blended with Aloe-vera gel which make this supplement Highly nutritious as aloe vera juice contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, Folic Acid and Niacin, as well as the minerals, calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc. All of these nutrients are important for a healthy body. So, this unique combination of herbs is a complete Herbo-Mineral Supplement.


  •     Ensures a Healthy Alkaline pH Level.
  •     Maintain Hormonal Imbalance and support the thyroid gland.
  •     Calcium is an essential mineral for healthy bones, gums and teeth.
  •     Calcium helps in the easy movement of nutrients across cell membranes.
  •     It plays a crucial role in other bodily functions, such as nerve transmission and muscular function.

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