PUNARNAVA CAPSULE | Herbal Treatment for General Disabilities

PUNARNAVA CAPSULE | Herbal Treatment for General Disabilities


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Punarnava as its name suggest means tendency to rejuvenate. Although it acts as a rejuvenator for all the systems of the body but basically it works as a rejuvenator for the urinary system. Punarnava is very useful in kidney ailments, in asthma, anaemia, inflammatory and dropsical infections, hepatic disorders, rheumatic and gouty complaints, and chronic heart disease. Research indicates that Punarnava is very effective in nephrotic syndrome and other kidney ailments. It tones the urinary system. Punarnava is very effective in treating obesity thus it is a very important ingredient for a variety of patent Ayurvedic medicines used to treat obesity. It also acts as anti-inflammatory drug. It is good for respiratory problems as well as it acts on the kapha dosha and thus suppresses the mucous formation. Thus Punarnava forms an integral part of many ayurvedic medicines that helps curing asthma, dysnoea and other breathing problems as it helps in the removal of mucus from the bronchial tubes.

                   Punarnava works as a very good tonic as well in general disabilities cases. It works as rasayana for the body as it rejuvenates the body by cleansing it with its unique property of flushing out the mala(toxins) from the dhatus(body tissues), balances the doshas and opening and nourishing the various body channels so that each and every tissue and cell of the body gets proper nutrition and keeps the body fit and fine. Punaranava is a very good nerve rejuvenator and it is given in cases of sciatica or nervous weakness or even paralysis condition.

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