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Losing weight is what (almost) everyone wants to look and feel good. However, even the most difficult programs may seem to work. So, try some of these wonderful herbs and get ready to make a great figure to have a beautifully shaped body again. Obesity is called Medroga in Ayurveda. It is simply defined as a condition in which an excessive amount of fat accumulates in the body. There are two main reasons for this abnormal fat deposition. (I) Excessive dietary fat intake and (ii) Metabolic problems that prevent the body from using fat properly. Ayurveda blames agni or digestive fires for obesity. When Agni is disturbed, amateurs (toxic substances) accumulate in the body, leading to obesity. From the Ayurvedic point of view, we have different kinds of channels in our body. Whenever we eat food, food extracts are produced that flow through various channels of the body and reach all the organs and systems of the body. However, sometimes some channels were blocked and most of the food was converted to FAT. It continued to gain weight, but other body systems such as blood, bones, and skin became weaker and weaker. You must have felt that you weren’t on an additional diet, but your weight is increasing day by day. The reason for weight gain is blockage of channels in the body.

Obesity has become a huge problem for many of us. You don’t have to be a big eater to get obese. There are many other reasons for this problem. We have developed a very beneficial herbal solution to cure obesity without diet, without strenuous exercise, and most importantly without side effects. The skin does not loosen, the cellulite disappears, and the body is kept in perfect shape. So, it is the time to transform the body now. Try it & lose now

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  1. Shwinder

    I lost all my extra fat with belly tyre with Arogyam medicines now living slim &; healthy life

  2. Yogi

    Hmmmm……..not bad

  3. Neha

    During pregnancy I gained 12 kg, but after delivery I lost nothing. I tried many things but nothing happened then I used Arogyam kit. wow I lost 4 kg in a month, I am very happy and still reducing. very excellent medicine

  4. Shreya

    My son call TYRE to my big tummy I could not wear tight dresses because of big tummy I always ashamed of big blotted stomach. But after using Arogyam weight loss kit, its completely flat. nobody can say I am a mom of 2 kids. my tummy is just flat as it was in my teens. I never expected this much fatloss..thanq Arogyam weight loss supplements

  5. Arlene

    i lost 12 lbs in just 2 months

  6. Sherlin

    I hvnt lost weight much, but I lost inches 9 inches from abs, 5 inches from busts & 7 inches from bums in 3 months really good one

  7. Shazia

    in my school days I ate a lot and I gained a lot when I went to college, I was marked a fat girl. nobody wanted to be friend of mine. I was treated as a fun making joker. then I realized that how much fat is dangerous. I started weight loss program from Arogyam. its really worked, I lost 18 kg in 5-6 months. now I like my figure myself. I love hooting in college on my name. now m a dream girl of many in college. thanks Arogyam weight loss treatment, u changed my life

  8. gurpartap singh

    I put on many killos with my sitting job. I consulted dr vipul sharma, with his medicines of weight loss, I am losing my extra weight very easily I am very happy with this easy to follow n use Arogyam weight loss program every fat person should try

  9. Bhoomika

    I gained 25 kg after marriage. my doctor told me to lose weight before pregnancy. I tried many things but could not lose. then I took treatment from Arogyam Panchkarma centre una. with their treatment, I lost 21 kg in 4 months. I am again as I was before marriage. I will lose 5-6 kg more good medicines

  10. Ms. Chopra

    I am 39 married, school teacher, hv two kids. I usually feel ashamed when school kids see towards my B-line. mine were very big. i always had too keep my dupatta rightway. I tried many things to reduce them, all failed lastly I tried Arogyam medicines. it worked. now I m in shape. thank you doctors

  11. Smita

    m a working woman. I don’t hv time to go out for walk or gym. I explained these things to Arogyam doctors and they prescribed me this kit it really worked. I lost 7 kg in two months. it was aprofitabe investment coz I got my old jeans fit again.

  12. Aurobindo Ghosh

    my wife lost 28 killo weight with Arogyam weight loss kit very very good

  13. Jignesh

    my wife gained 12 kg weight during pregnancy now she lost 10 kg in 3 months with Arogyam medicines, looking more slimmer we r satisfied with Arogyam medicines

  14. Shweta

    I am a CA. had to spend hours on chair, obviously junk food n other stuff too. During audits, only hotel food which made me 80 from 55 I visited Arogyam. Doctors are extremely intelligent . Staff is also good. their medicines are very good, easy to take, small dose n cost effective. I lost 10 kg in three months and still on it. Thanks to Arogyam team & medicines

  15. Seema Tanwar

    My busts become very heavy in a few years. m a teacher, so feel shy sometimes when teen agers look on them. took many treatment but nothing worked One day I was scrolling net, I had a look on Arogyam herbs. I took it as a trial. in one month I lost 4 kg and good inches. within 4 months my body come up in a good shape. No fat on tummy and busts also become regular, round n firm Good treatment to Arogyam medicines

  16. Zoya

    I live in UAE. I ordered this kit from India. it is really working. I lost 7 kg in two months only nice product

  17. sujain

    m a working woman. I don’t hv time to go out for walk or gym. I explained these things to Arogyam doctors and they prescribed me this kit it really worked. I lost 7 kg in two months. it was a profitabe investment coz I got my old jeans fit again.

  18. Surabhi

    my daughter has reduced her weight from 98 to 69kg very good treatment by Arogyam. very good results

  19. Prity

    I lost my big tyre tummy with herbal treatment from arogyam

  20. Vishakha

    I was born fat lived my childhood as fat baby went to college as fatty chubli girl but I didn’t want to live life of a fat lady so I opted Arogyam weight loss kit. it helped me losing weight and inches. though doctors were very supporting. they replied my every query. Thanks to Arogyam doctors n mediciines

  21. Keerthi

    This is good medicine treatment I purchased for my daughter. she is losing good. so far 11kg in 4th month. very good medicines and good doctors

  22. Saisha Sinha

    Good Treatment Good Medicines Good results

  23. Sneha

    I lost only 9 Kg in 3 months. They committed me for 12-15 kg. But I am still happy with the results. Will continue

  24. Shelly

    My weight was too high. my boobs

  25. Rukhsaar

    I lost 7 kg in 3 months. was expecting 10-12 but still not bad

  26. Lisa

    I lost 20 lbs in 3 months with arogyam weightloss kit good supplement

  27. Purvi Thakur

    I was told that I can reduce 12-15 kg in 3 months

  28. Melissa

    i lost 8 Kg in three month. there is no sagging or wrinkles. we are fully satisfied with this treatment

  29. Srihan

    My wife was obese after her second delivery. we tried lots of thing out of them last & best was AROGYAM PURE HERBS WEIGHTLOSS KIT. She lost almost all the fat she gained after marriage. And no side effects at all. now she looks like a teenager again. Thanks to team AROGYAM

  30. KMVgalsgang

    We are in KMV college. three gals of our gang used this kit and lost extra fat. It really worked in our gals gang. We are pretty happy with this treatment.

  31. Suhana

    In five months, I shed 8 kg. It’s a lot of fun to utilize this treatment. I’m thinking about doing it for another three months.

  32. Nimita

    The doctor at arogyam told me that I could lose 10-12 Kg in 3 months. I followed them properly but i lost only 8 Kg in 3 months

  33. Parul jain

    Best weightloss treatment with irreversible results

  34. Upasna

    This is best treatment who underwent bodyshaming whole life. I was also one of them. My whole life i suffered bodyshaming, but after this weightloss treatment, everyone gives me complement who used to laugh on my body & weight

  35. Ana

    I’ve always been a foodie, but having a huge belly and bum in my twenties was embarrassing. I tried numerous weight-loss treatments, but they were all scams. My aunt once took me to Arogyam. The doctor was quite pleasant. First and foremost, she was thin, which greatly influenced me. She spent a lot of time explaining things to me. I was able to lose 15 killos in 5-6 months with her advice and ayurvedic medicines and nutrition. I am now quite normal, but I am continuing her treatment in order to be as thin as she is. This procedure actually helped me reduce weight.

  36. Sheena

    I lost my big tummy & 8 kg in just 3 months with arogyam medicines
    this weightloss kit really worked in me

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