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Vitiligo or Leucoderma is a skin disorder, which gives white patches over the skin. According to ayurveda, some of reasons for this disorder are weak immune system, inappropriate diet & disturbance of tridoshas. The body starts making antibodies against its own melanocytes. Ayurveda is considered to have the best and most ancient treatment for this disorder. Our HERBAL KIT FOR VITILIGO contains all the herbs that have medical qualities to cure vitiligo

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  1. Prince

    My daughter had some white spots. I went to many clinics n hospitals. some gave us oil to apply n sit in sun. that oil gave burns. I cudnt see burns on my daughter’s body. I felt helpless. finally I went to Arogyam hospital. Dr. Vipul assured me that there will not be any boil on her body. they gave us medicines to eat only, nothing to apply these medicines really worked. we took medicines for 11 months. my daughter is not having a single white spot now thanks to dr vipul and arogyam

  2. voyeur

    my 8 yrs angel had some spots. docs here advised laser, but I took herbal only Arogyam herbal vitiligo kit cured my daughters white spots thanks arogyam

  3. Mitali

    I was having leucoderma from childhood. I hv my own beauty parlor. my clients use to get scared after watching white patch on my feet. even some of ladies stop coming to my parlor. I felt bad many time, it was not my fault one of my client told me bout this Arogyam treatment as she also got cured from this. I consulted dr sharma and started treatment. it took 10-11 months to cure my problem but it changed my life. now I don’t hv any white spot on my body and none of my client see me like that thanq thanq thanq my client for suggesting me Arogyam medicines and also thanq doctor

  4. Raman Shah

    I have used this product and really satisfied with their result.

  5. Sailer

    I am on psoriasis treatment from Arogyam since last 5 months. its almost 95% cured, but still continuing till complete cure it works

  6. Piyush

    I took this treatment for psoriasis problem n got cure. 6 months gone my treatment finished. now I don’t hv any psoriasis wound. hope this will remain same ahead too

  7. Sohum

    Results are slow but it cures

  8. Shweta Rana

    I had scalp psoriasis. Took many lotions

  9. Anuradha

    My son got a complete cure from this disease. we used arogyam medicines for 6 months. they are really good

  10. Sonali

    i had white patches on elbow and thighs. My parents were very much worried for my marriage. they have heard about divorces happened due to this problem. i took many treatments but no reults. One of friend of my father told him about arogyam vitiligo treatment. We tried it but it was a miracle. I got cured in 5 months of treatment. I have been told to continue for 2 more months and i will. A wordless thanks to AROGYAM. It saved me and relieved my parents

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