Rakta Mokshana – Blood letting

Raktamokshana-An important procedure among the PanchakarmaAyurvedic panchakarma procedures mainly focus on throwing the vitiated dosha out of the body and thus checks the reoccurrence of the disease. And raktamokshana is one procedure among panchakarma which aims at excreting vitiated blood (Dushta rakta ) from our body.The word Raktamokshan is derived from 2 words mainly Rakta (blood) and Mokshan (let out, to relieve).These procedures explained thousands of years ago still holds and important place in ayurvedic treatment in curing many diseases, and have become a necessity in todays world due to changing food habits and lifestyle, for curing ailments and also to maintain health.So before learning about this procedure let’s briefly go through an ayurvedic prespective about Rakta (blood) 

In whom Rakta Moshana is done

  • Kushta – Obstinate skin diseases
  • Shivtra-Leucoderma
  • Visarpa – erisepalus
  • Enlargement of spleen and liver –Pliha
  • Jaundice
  • Ringworm
  • Amla pitta – hyper acidity
  • Excessive sleep
  • Blood born diseases
  • Pitta born diseases
  • Headache
  • Gout –Vatrakta
  • Agni mandya
  • Tumours and glandular enlargement
  • Alchoholism
  • Drug addicted
  • Suffering from poison
  • Snake bite
  • Allergies
  • Also to healthy persons as preventive

What are the methods of Rakta Mokshana ?

Pracchana : Scraping by scapel usually done in superfacial blood letting.

Shringa : Horn of cow to withdraw superfacial blood after scraping, taking the advantage of its hollowness.

Alabu : A fruit of cucurbita lagnaria or vulgaris is dried and internal part is taken off, the hollow part is used for evacuation of blood by sucking method.

Jalooka : Leaches – blood sucking creatures are used.

Sira vedha : Taking blood from vein by syringe.

Use of blood letting :

It is useful in pittaja and raktaja diseases.

The diseases which are not responding to other treatment in chronic stage – blood letting is useful in them

Chronic heart disease (Myocardial degeneration). Acute lobar pneumonia, uremia, acute pericarditis , Useful in snake bite etc.

It increases appetite, relieves ama dosha and long effect produces pure blood (Shuddha Rakta).

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